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Why I think PayDotCom is the Best Affiliate Marketplace on the Net!


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If you are familiar with Clickbank.com (R), or even if you are not but you want to make profits online, then you will want to check this out ASAP ...

While I like Clickbank, and they are a great marketplace... they are limited to many restrictions to sell products or earn affiliate commissions...

Well, there is a GREAT NEW SERVICE now...

It is a new FREE marketplace where you can sell any product you want.

Yours OWN product...

Building An Income With Affiliate Programs

By Bobby Ryatt

Type in the words "Affiliate Programs" into any search engine and your results will display thousands upon thousands of pages that offer work at home affiliate programs. How on earth is anyone supposed to understand what to do with that?
Of course just like anything else it is possible to narrow down your searches for affiliate programs so that you only have about three thousand pages of results to meander through. Some people go with the basic principle that if they are on top then it must be a good company. This is not entirely true. It may be a good company. It may be a great company or even the best company. They may very well also be a terrible company or an affiliate scam. Anyone with enough money to pay for the top slot will get the top slot. There is no integrity test to determine who is entitled to the top spots. They are purchased.

10 Basic Tips For Success In Affiliate Marketing

Author: The Affiliate Guru

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way of making money online. Anyone can earn affiliate commissions, regardless of their experience in internet marketing.This article presents ten powerful tips that will help you succeed in affiliate marketing and earn huge commissions.

How to make money with Affiliate Programs - The Sensible Way

Every day, thousands of would-be marketers scour the internet
looking for any and every affiliate program, sign up, sit back
and wait for the money to pour in and get frustrated just as
fast when the bank balance still shows a big, fat ZERO!

There are tons of guru's floating around and even more eBooks
and articles claiming to know the latest and greatest trick to
make tons of money with no effort at all (oh and of course,

Affiliate Program Checklist

Affiliate and other cooperative programs are announced almost
daily. Website owners are flocking to these programs. Enthusiasm
is high. But.........why not compare and evaluate first?

The following checklist was prepared from the point of view of one
seeking a program to affiliatae with. But it can also help a program
initiator compare current programs in order to make his better.

Affiliate Program Basics

Affiliate Program is a ground floor opportunity. All you have to do is send visitors to your affiliate web site by placing a textlink or banner on your website and receive a commission on each sale, without the complication and expense of selling anything yourself.

Instead, you earn a commission for producing a ransaction. Affiliate programs, also known as Referral Programs, Associate Programs, Profit Sharing Programs or Reseller programs, give affiliates the ability to create an online business selling thousands products and services.


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